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Your comments on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s decision to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party from Anas Urbaningrum to repair the party’s image:

The popularity of the Democratic Party will be difficult to restore, given that there are still corruptors in the party. Yudhoyono must apply firm regulation and take action.

Teguh Widianto

Yudhoyono has obviously been a poor judge of character, having trusted Anas to chair the Party.

In the meantime, Anas has made himself influential in the provinces, which will certainly be a stumbling block for Yuhoyono to regroup the party to his advantage politically.

Anas has tarnished the party so badly that it is questionable if it can still be repaired as political vehicle in time for the elections in 2014.

Especially given the desire of the people for Jokowi to run for the presidency in 2014, the Democratic Party may have to be content in waiting until 2019 to wrestle back the presidency.

This is a good lesson for all other political parties to keep themselves squeaky clean in fighting for the welfare of the people, based on Pancasila and the concept of Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

Moeljono Adikoesoemo

Yudhoyono’s action to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party sets a bad precedent in a democratic country such as Indonesia, even though the action is in accordance with the party’s internal rules.

This action will not boost the popularity of the Democratic Party and the chairman will continue to wield strong power.

 I hope we can learn from this tragedy within the Democratic Party and make it into a valuable lesson.

Bambang utomo

Yudhoyono is regaining the control of the Democratic Party to boost its image and to allow its chairman to focus on his legal corruption case.

While it is a good decision to remove Anas, Yudhoyono should
step down from his party post. He can’t do both jobs. That’s the norm and the regulation he has imposed on his ministers.

Indra Soebagjo

So who exactly is the current Indonesian president in charge of this country? Surely it is not the man who chooses to focus on his little clique of groupies over actually leading the nation.


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