RSCM records first successful
kidney transplant on child

Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital (RSCM) in Jakarta has performed its first successful kidney transplant on a child, an official has announced.

RSCM president director CH Soejono said the hospital had successfully transplanted a kidney taken from a 21-year-old living donor to Cliff Yehezkiel Mambu, 12, on March 13.

“Conducting kidney transplants on children is more difficult than transplants for adult patients. In Indonesia, this was the first ever kidney transplant for a child and it was successful,” Soejono said in a press statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

The surgery was performed by a surgical team led by Endang Susalit, the hospital’s kidney and hypertension specialist.

For adult patients, the RSCM has performed several kidney transplants since 2010.

The child in this case, Cliff, suffers from stage-five kidney disease, the last stage of chronic kidney disease; however, the leading cause of his illness remains unknown. He was first diagnosed with kidney disease in 2010.

At first, Cliff’s parents, James Mambu and Serli Katili, sought medical help from a hospital in Malaysia before deciding to take their son to the RSCM for the transplant after a compatible living donor was found.

Preparations for the surgery took place from December 2012 to January 2013.

Taralan Tambunan, a kidney and hypertension specialist paediatrician, said that one month after the surgery, no rejection to the new organ was found in Cliff’s body. His physical condition was improving every day, he added.

“There is no blood in his urine and his blood pressure is almost back to normal. However, we will keep monitoring his condition,” he said. (ebf)

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