Mongolia university to
establish Indonesia study

The National University of Mongolia plans to set up a study center to introduce Indonesia to the Mongolian public, says the university's vice president, Gerelt Od Lkhagvasuren.

He gave the news to Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia Imron Cotan in Ulan Bator, on the sidelines of the seventh conference of the Community of Democracies on April 30, as reported by Antara news agency.

The university has prepared the building, lecturers and other facilities for the study center, the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing said in a press statement on Friday.

Lkhagvasuren has asked for the ambassador's support for the establishment of the study center.

Ambassador Cotan said he was prepared to facilitate student-lecturer exchange programs between Indonesia and Mongolia as well as offering the latest reference books to the university.

The Indonesian Embassy and the National University of Mongolia plan to organize seminars on the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Mongolia in June and September of this year.

In return, Mongolian university's students will be offered scholarships to study in Indonesia under the Developing Countries' Technical Cooperation program.(asw/dic)

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