KPK snaffles Fathanah’s
luxury pad

The Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK) seized a house worth Rp 5.8 billion (US$596,000) belonging to Ahmad Fathanah, one of the suspects in the beef import shambles, on Thursday.

According to Kenang of the Pesona Kayangan housing complex, Fathanah has paid Rp 3.8 billion ($390,000) for the house, which has six bedrooms and a swimming pool. Rp 2 billion is outstanding.

“We promised to return the money [that Fathanah had paid], but the rest of the house still belongs to us." he said.

Kenang initially planned to sell the house when Fathanah was arrested in January 2013.

Fathanah’s third wife, Sefty Sanustika, said that the house was for her and her baby. Sefty stayed at a Margonda Residence apartment, near the house, while awaiting the house’s construction. Sefty moved out of the apartment at the end of January when KPK investigators seized the apartment along with her jewelry and diamonds.

“Not all of his wealth came from that case. Why did they seize everything? How should I support my daughter?” Sefty asked. (nai)

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