Inventory to be made on
factories in Tangerang

Tangerang regency administration will make an inventory on small and medium-scale enterprises in Tangerang starting Monday to prevent any "slavery" work practices following the recent finding of such practice at a wok factory in Lebak Wangi village.

Previously, police released 34 workers from the wok factory managed by CV Sinar Logam after two of its workers escaped and reported the beatings and other cruel practices they had experienced in the factory.

“All district heads should participate [to make the inventory of the small and medium-scale factories]. Don’t just observe the large-scale ones,” Tangerang regency secretary Iskandar Mirsad said on Friday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Iskandar explained that the inventory was intended to detect any inhuman practices applied by employers on their workers because he had received more reports that similar practices were rampant.

“There is, for example, a home industry that produces crackers in the Jambe district and pays its workers only Rp 17,000 (US$1,75) each per day, far below the minimum wage in Tangerang regency,” he said.

The minimum wage in Tangerang for small industries is set at Rp 2,310,000 ($218) per month or Rp 81,900 per day. (nai)

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