Agni Pratistha: Saving
moments, money by staying
at home

(JP/Andreas D. Arditya)

As shooting takes up the bulk of her time, actress and model Agni Pratistha says she prefer to stay at home and spend her free time with her family, rather than waste it in Jakarta’s horrendous traffic. The acting world has certainly kept her busy. Earlier this year, she became part of Hanung Bramantro’s Cinta Tapi Beda (Love but Different) and later played a role in Ifa Isfansyah’s 9 Summers 10 Autums.

“My character in 9 Summers 10 Autumns gets little screen time, but I accepted the role because she is an important influence and supporter of the main character.

I had a great time working under the direction of Ifa. He is a very fun man to cooperate with. I have had a lot of discussions with him, spending much time broadening my views and knowledge by spending time with him on the set.

In the movie, I also got to work with great senior actors Alex Komang and Dewi Irawan; I learned a lot from them.

I like to spend my days off at home because Jakarta’s traffic is just horrible; I hate wasting my time on the road. I get to have more fun moments at home. Besides, I get to save more money.

For the time being, I can be found in the kitchen on weekends. I am practicing my cooking skill. I have always liked cooking since I was little and I love to see people enjoy my food.

As the oldest child and the first daughter in my family, I get used to making food for my mom and dad. Both of them are also food lovers.

I used to make snacks and desserts for my younger brother. He loves them.

Lately, I have managed to sign up for numerous one-off cooking lessons and I practice the new recipes at home.

So far, I have gotten better at making lasagna and an assortment of pastas. I’ve also tried making Thai food and I think I’ve made some quite good dishes.

I really want to be able to make my own dimsum and noodles and bread. I think it’s amazing to be able to produce great food with your own hands.”

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