9,000 jobs at Pekanbaru
career expo

Job seekers from around Pekanbaru, Riau, have a chance to meet local, national and international companies offering thousands of employment opportunities.

Sixty seven companies offering more than 9,000 vacancies are at the 2013 Job Expo, held by the Pekanbaru Manpower Agency in the Grand Ballroom of the Mutiara Merdeka Hotel, Pekanbaru, from Monday to Thursday.

The number of unemployed people in Pekanbaru has reached 39,000 and the job expo could be one of solutions to the problem.

“The exhibition aims to absorb more local people here into the nation's workforce,” said Pekanbaru deputy mayor Ayat Cahyadi after the opening of the job expo, on Monday.

The expo has been an annual event since 2007 and this year, more companies from more sectors, such as aviation, banking, hospitals, plantations and retails, took part.

“The total number of companies taking part in the even is the biggest since it was first initiated in 2007,” said Head of Pekanbaru Manpower Agency, Pria Budi.

The exhibition offers around 2,500 vacancies in various sectors, such as construction, fisheries, plantations and caregivers, in South Korea, with another 2,000 in Japan.

Pria said the administration should channel more than 5,000 new entrants into the labor market.

“Last year, the expo provided employment for 5,338 people, and this year, it should be even more,” he said. (fan/ebf)

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