Mandala Airlines becomes
Tigerair Mandala

Mandala Airlines on Wednesday officially renamed itself Tigerair Mandala in conjunction with Tiger Airways' rebranding as Tigerair.

"In this rebranding process, the company's name remains unchanged, PT Mandala Airlines, however our brand name has changed to Tigerair Mandala, as we are proud of our Indonesian Mandala heritage but we also want to leverage many aspects from the Tigerair Group," president director Paul Rombeek said.

The change is occurring in other airlines in the Singapore-based Tigerair Group, with Tiger Airways changing to Tigerair, Tiger Australia to Tigerair Australia and SEAIR to Tigerair Philippines, to signify the synergy and greater connection between the airlines.

"Being part of the group is best when we fly international routes to and from Singapore," he said.

"We are currently flying three times a day to Singapore from Jakarta, and have connected points from Pekanbaru [Riau], Medan [North Sumatra] and Surabaya [in East Java to Singapore]."

He said the airline would operate 10 Airbus A320 aircraft by the end of this year, and soon they would connect Surabaya to Bangkok, Thailand.

Tigerair Mandala's main shareholder is prominent investment company Saratoga Capital, while Tigerair controls a 33 percent stake in the airline.

With eight A320 aircraft, the airline currently flies to 11 destinations such as Medan, Padang in West Sumatra, Pekanbaru, Denpasar in Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

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