Security upped after bomb

West Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Suhardi Alius pledged to boost security measures after two unidentified men launched a bomb at Rajapolah Police station in Tasikmalaya, a city on the southeast side of the province, last Saturday.

"We had tight security measures before the attack. We remain vigilant and will keep boosting security at police offices and public places, especially crowded places during Ramadhan," he said in a telephone interview on Sunday.

The two perpetrators on a motorcycle threw a nail bomb around 1:30 a.m. at the police station. Some minutes later, the bomb emitted smoke and made a loud bang. No fatalities or injuries were recorded.

Suhardi said the low-explosive bomb was inside a cooking pot, and contained potassium, nails and wiring.

"We are still investigating the case, with the support of the National Police and its Densus 88 counterterrorism squad," he said.

The West Java Police has not found anything to indicate the perpetrators were linked to William Maksum, an alleged terrorist arrested by Densus 88 in Cipacing, Bandung regency, on May 7.

"We do not want to rush to that conclusion. We need to examine the bomb and investigate the modus operandi of the attack," he said.

The National Police claim Maksum managed communication between the terrorist cells of Abu Roban and fugitive terrorist Santoso. Abu Roban headed up various robbery cases before Densus 88 officers killed him in Batang, Central Java, on May 8. It is alleged that the money collected from the robberies financed terror acts led by Santoso.

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