Guess what?: Pepeng hospitalized
with enlarged heart

JAKARTA: Presenter Ferrasta Soebardi, better known as Pepeng, has been hospitalized for an enlarged heart at Puri Cinere Hospital in South Jakarta.

His son, Gemirio Muhammad, said Pepeng who is famous for the Jari-Jari quiz, was admitted on Sunday.

“We thought he just had shortness of breath because he had a cough for a few days. But then he had a heart attack on Saturday, so we took him to the hospital. The doctor found that he had an enlarged heart,” Gemirio said as quoted by kapanlagi.com.

He said the doctor had previously told the family that Pepeng had heart issues, but they failed to pay much attention to it and focused more on treating his multiple sclerosis.

“The doctor told us to take care of the heart too, but we were too busy with his treatment for multiple sclerosis. And now the heart disease is becoming more serious,” Gemirio said.

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