Djoko has last shot at
bribery, in courtroom

In a move which could be seen as a last-ditch attempt at avoiding prison, former National Police Traffic Corps (Korlantas) chief Insp. Gen. Djoko Susilo allegedly attempted to bribe Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutors inside the courtroom of the Jakarta Corruption Court on Tuesday.

The alleged attempt was made soon after Djoko finished reading his personal defense statement.

Upon wrapping up the statement, Djoko submitted copies of the statement as well as his biography to the prosecutors and panel of judges.

Before the trial session continued, however, presiding judge K M S Roni found something unusual in his copy of Djoko’s biography.

“Before we proceed [with the trial session], in one of the books that was submitted, I found a US$100 bill. I don’t know what this means,” the judge said.

Following the revelation, Djoko’s team of lawyers denied any knowledge of the money.

“We don’t know what the $100 bill means and I did not know that the cash was there,” said lawyer Tommy Sihotang.

Presiding judge Suhartoyo later grilled Djoko on the matter, to which Djoko replied nonchalantly.

“So the book is an addendum to my defense plea. It has my life history while serving in the traffic corps. Regarding the dollar note, consider it non-existent,” he said.

Suhartoyo continued to pound Djoko until the disgraced police general admitted that he had no intention of bribing either the judges or prosecutors.

Roni then asked the panel of judges whether he could launch a probe into the money before returning it.

“Maybe we could not return the money today. I want to know the motive behind it,” he said.

Suhartoyo, however, insisted the prosecutors return the money immediately to Djoko’s lawyers.

“The money has nothing to do with the case. Rather than creating a new problem, just return the money now,” he said.

Besides the alleged attempt at bribery, Djoko appeared to deliver his best performance while delivering his defense statement.

Djoko was seen shedding tears while making his case.

He started sobbing while explaining that members of his family had been humiliated due to the court case.

“My wives and children now bear a heavy burden. I told them this is only happening because Allah has allowed it,” Djoko said with his voice trailing off.

Djoko then said that he was devastated by the prosecutors’ demand that he should be sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment, pay a fine of Rp 1 billion ($92,000) and return Rp 32 billion he allegedly embezzled from the project.

Last Tuesday, prosecutors said Djoko must be sentenced to jail for colluding with his deputy Brig. Gen. Didik Purnomo and other parties to inflate the 2011 driving simulator procurement budget, which allegedly caused Rp 144.9 billion in state losses.

Djoko said that the demands were outrageous.

“Listening to the demands from the prosecutors, which were quite severe and bizarre, my family and colleagues were shocked, although I remain calm and collected,” he said.

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