AIDS mobile app to be launched

The Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC), an NGO with members from AIDS-affected communities, will launch a mobile application on HIV/AIDS information and services.

“AIDS Digital” is the first mobile system with an application on HIV/AIDS in the Asia and Pacific region.

“This application was developed by AIDS-affected communities so that it is highly effective and manages to respond to challenges in the field that are well understood by the communities,” said Aditya Wardhana, an IAC activist, in a statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Monday.

Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi is set to officially launch “AIDS Digital” in an event at the Health Ministry in Jakarta, on Oct.31.

“The Health Ministry as a lead sector to improve the health of all Indonesian people warmly welcomes the initiative and fully supports it as part of efforts to bring access of information on HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases to all of society,” Aditya said.

Users can access the application via two methods. First, through the website aidsdigital.net and second, via a mobile application that can be downloaded in the Apple Store, Blackberry Application Store and on Google Play. The mobile application can be used on the likes of iPhone, Blackberry and Android hand phones.

Aditya said it was hoped that “AIDS Digital” could give people more accurate information on HIV/AIDS, increase the percentage of visits to health care facilities, improve the adherence of HIV-infected people in taking medication, and strengthen services to other HIV-affected communities.

AIDS Digital has been launched to support the government’s Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS-related Deaths program.

A video teaser of the application can be accessed at youtu.be/wVulqPOnCh8. (ebf)

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