Dul's files delivered to
district attorney

The Jakarta Police delivered the files of Abdul "Dul" Qodir Jaelani, the suspect in a fatal pileup that killed seven people and injured eight others in September, to the East Jakarta District Attorney on Monday.

"After the attorney has declared the documents are complete, the police will deliver evidence along with the suspect to the attorney," said Jakarta Police Traffic Law Enforcement Division head Sr. Comr. Adj. Hindarsono on Monday.

Dul, who is the youngest son of musician Ahmad Dhani, faces multiple charges as he allegedly violated article 310 of the Traffic Law on negligence causing injury and death, said Hindarsono.

The maximum punishment for violating the law is six years imprisonment, Hindarsono said, adding that Dul might undergo half of it because he was underage.

The 13-year old teenager drove his father's car without permission and hit another vehicle full of passengers on the Jagorawi toll road.

"The prosecutor will decide the mechanism on how to put underage suspect on trial. The police's duty stops with the investigation," he said.

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