Proliga competition starts
early due to general election

The annual BSI Proliga volleyball competition will launch its 2014 season on Jan. 10, and it is expected to wind up earlier than usual due to the general election.

The national premier volleyball competition will end on March 16, ahead of the general election that is slated to take place on April 9.

“We will start the competition earlier, due to the legislative election. We would usually begin the competition in February and run through April,” Proliga director Hanny S. Surkatty told a press conference here on Tuesday.

The competition opens in Pekanbaru, Riau, which will host the matches from Jan. 10 to 12.

The other host cities include Surakarta in Central Java; Malang, Banyuwangi and Gresik in East Java; Bandung in West Java; and Yogyakarta.

The final will be staged in Jakarta in March.

The Proliga competition features seven women’s and six men’s teams vying for a total of Rp 1 billion (US$81,712) in prize money, which will be distributed to four winners and several best players.

The women’s teams comprise Jakarta Popsivo PGN; Manokwari Valeria Papua Barat; Jakarta Electric PLN; Gresik Petrokimia; Jakarta BNI 46; Jakarta Pertamina Energi; and a newcomer to the competition, Jakarta Bank DKI.

The men’s teams consist of Palembang Bank Sumsel Babel; Jakarta BNI 46; Surabaya Samator; Jakarta Pertamina Energi; Jakarta Electric PLN; and Solo Bank Jateng.

Jakarta Sananta would not be participating this year due to internal problems, according to Hanny.

“This year, we are only allowing two foreign players on each team. Last year, we allowed three. It’s because we want to give a greater opportunity to local players to show off their skills. We don’t want them [the teams] to rely too much on foreign players,” Hanny said.

Palembang Bank Sumsel Babel won the men’s competition last year, while Jakarta Popsivo triumphed in the women’s division.

Proliga was first launched in 2002 with the Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI) in an attempt to encourage further development of national volleyball competitions.

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