Stone Temple Pilots concert

(AFP/Kevin Winter)

The promoter of the Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington concert in Jakarta, scheduled for Feb. 19, has announced that the event has been canceled.

Original Production said in a press release that the American rock band had canceled due to scheduling problems.

“We apologize to fans of Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington for the cancellation. We hope we can reschedule the concert at a future date,” said the company in a press statement made available to kompas.com.

Original Production said it would fully refund tickets at their respective ticket sales locations.

Stone Temple Pilots, originally consisting of Scott Weiland (vocals), Dean DeLeo (guitar), Robert Emile DeLeo (bass) and Eric Kretz (drums), were joined by Chester Bennington of rock band Linkin Park after Weiland left the band.

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