Residents flee village
in fear of elephants

Residents of Pante Ceureumen in West Aceh have fled the village after elephants rampaged through it a number of times.

Syah Budiman, a noted local figure, told tribunnews on Thursday that 54 families had been forced to move to safe areas, especially at night, for fear of the elephants.

"The residents have been forced to save themselves. It is feared that their food crops will be destroyed by the wild animals. The residents have asked the local administration to help drive the wild animals away," Syah Budiman said.

Pante Ceureumen Police chief First Insp. Lahmuddin confirmed that the elephants had rampaged through the village. "We hope relevant institutions will help bring a stop to the animal attacks," he said.

Three elephants entered the village at 8 p.m. on Monday and ran amok, injuring Sunarni, 48, a widow, and her daughter Nova, 15.(krb)

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