Evacuation routes for Mt.
Slamet prepared

The Central Java Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has prepared evacuation routes and shelters in response to Mt. Slamet’s increased volcanic

Head of the rehabilitation and reconstruction division at the Central Java BPBD, Arus Horizon, said that his agency had coordinated with the five regencies that would most likely be affected by any large-scale eruptions in setting up evacuations posts. Mt. Slamet is currently at level II alert status (out of four) with a 2-kilometer danger zone around the volcano.

More than 174,000 residents in 34 villages in the five regencies could be affected if the situation escalates, said Central Java BPBD head Sarwa Permana.

“According to the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center [PVMBG], Mt. Slamet has a different character than other volcanoes. Evacuation is not necessary right now even though it is at alert status,” Sarwa said, adding that the nearest villages were located around 6 km from the crater.

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