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Four common traits of Indonesian tourists

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Tue, January 3, 2017 | 01:02 pm
Four common traits of Indonesian tourists

Indonesian tourists of all ages love to take selfies. (Shutterstock/File)

Have you ever noticed traits of tourists? How about Indonesian tourists?

As reported by, there were at least four traits common to Indonesians while traveling abroad, which were shared by Tourism Training Center founder Tedjo Iskandar during a Chengdu-Jakarta Tourism Exchange event in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Not on time

Tedjo mentioned rarely being on time as a characteristic of Indonesian tourists. “For foreign travel agents who are managing Indonesian tourists, [they should consider] that Indonesians are rarely on time. [They are] too relaxed [when they travel]."

Robin from Sichuan Dinglong International Travel, who is in charge of tourists in Chengdu, agreed with this statement, saying that Indonesians are very relaxed, even though they usually have a packed schedule.

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Avid shoppers

Branded goods, fashion items and souvenirs are among Indonesian tourists’ favorites, said Tedjo. “It would be even better if the goods could be bargained down to the lowest price.”

The simpler the explanation, the better

In terms of tours, Tedjo said that Indonesian tourists preferred simple explanations instead of convoluted descriptions.

Selfie enthusiasts

Last but not least, Indonesian tourists of all ages love to take selfies. Selfies have been an inseparable part of their journey, Tedjo said. (mas/kes)