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Annual Krakatau Lampung Festival to return in August

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Thu, July 13, 2017 | 01:02 pm
Annual Krakatau Lampung Festival to return in August

Picturesque view of Kiluan Bay in Lampung. (Shutterstock/File)

The annual Krakatau Lampung Festival is set to return from Aug. 21 to Aug. 27.

The event aims to highlight Lampung’s culture and tradition.

It will present an art market, tour Mount Anak Krakatau and put on beach parties on the Tangkil and Mutun beaches.

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“Other activities include snorkeling, swimming, flying kites, a food festival and competitions,” said Lampung Tourism Agency head Budiharto.

“The festival also aims to promote other tourist attractions in Lampung such as Pahawang Island, Kiluan Bay, Putri Malu waterfall and Way Kambas National Park,” he added.

Up to 114,907 foreign tourists reportedly visited Lampung in 2016, while the number of domestic tourist arrivals reached 5.5 million. (kes)