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Yogyakarta to attract tourists to Kulon Progo tea hamlets

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Sat, January 13, 2018 | 07:09 am
Yogyakarta to attract tourists to Kulon Progo tea hamlets

Green tropical tea plantations on a steep slope with traditional Javanese houses in Kulon Progo mountains, Yogyakarta. (Shutterstock/File)

Good news for tea enthusiasts: the Kulon Progo regency administration in Yogyakarta is set to develop Tritis and Nglinggo hamlets in Ngargosari village, Samigaluh district, to become a touristy "kampung teh" (tea village).

The move aims to accelerate the development of Bukit Menoreh tourist site, famous for its tea plantations, and boost the local economy.

Head of Kulon Progo Food and Agriculture Agency's plantation department, Widi Astuti, told Antara news agency that each family head in both hamlets owned a tea farm and they usually sold their products directly to tourists.

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"The tea village will be developed through tourist packages," he said in Kulon Progo on Thursday.

The tourist packages include tea picking, sangria and traditional tea brewing, aimed at highlighting the potential of the commodity in Samigaluh district.

The area of Bukit Menoreh currently planted with tea reaches 136 hectares. In 2013, the total area of tea farms in Girimulyo and Samigaluh districts reached only 55 hectares. (kes)