Parks are an important part of a city. Their presence can foster environmental awareness and a sense of togetherness among city dwellers.

Beautifully-designed parks are a reflection of a city’s population’s quality of life. It is with this spirit that the Purwakarta regency administration provides numerous parks for people to enjoy.

If you are planning to visit Purwakarta, take a moment and visit its unique and lovely urban parks. Here is a list of the parks you can enjoy in Purwakarta:

1. Sri Baduga Park

Sri Baduga Water Fountain Park is located at Situ Buleud on Jl. KK Singawinata, Kampung Situ, Nagri Kaler village, in downtown Purwakarta. Its strategic location is easy to reach from all over the regency.

Sri Baduga Park is equipped with a water fountain. With its wondrous light effects and bursts of fire-on-water, the water fountain is believed to be the biggest in Southeast Asia. Its dancing jets are synchronized with music accompaniment. As the shows are held at night, the colorful lights will look great on camera.

You can visit the park on Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. Entrance to the park is free of charge. Please maintain cleanliness and respect throughout your visit.

2. Citra Resmi Park

Another awesome park in Situ Buleud area is Citra Resmi Park. The park was built to commemorate the struggle of Sundanese women. The nearby Surawisesa Park has a great playground for children.

For Sundanese people, the name Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi is familiar. The tale of the Sundanese princess, closely linked with that of the Bubat War, has been immortalized in one of the beautiful parks in Purwakarta. Featuring a white rhino statue as Purwakarta’s official emblem and surrounded by flowers, Citra Resmi Park seems to remind visitors to remember Sundanese history.

No wonder people jog in the park on Sunday mornings. Citra Resmi Park and its surrounding area are famed for morning sports activities.

3. Pancawarna Park

Pancawarna Park is located at the Purwakarta secretariat office on Jl. Gandanegara. The name means “five colors” and perfectly encapsulates the park’s beauty. Colorful flowers will greet you the moment you step into the park. A pool with a water fountain encircles the open hall. Beside it, there is a lovely little bridge that connects the park to the regent’s office. Beside the bridge is a royal carriage. Many benches are available in the park, and there is even free wi-fi!

Visitors can enter the park and marvel at its beauty free of charge at the designated times. However, please do not step on the grass and please throw away your garbage in the garbage bins.

4. Maya Datar Park

Maya Datar Park is in the same location as Pancawarna Park. The name means that everyone in the park is equal to one another despite coming from different backgrounds. Purwakarta regent Dedi Mulyadi named this park, which is located in the front yard of the Purwakarta administration office complex.

Maya Datar Park looks exquisite with its swaths of flowers and two water fountains with wonderful lighting. The white tiger statue symbolizes Sundanese historical ruler Prabu Siliwangi.

Despite the park’s function as an official city square usually used for government events, the beautiful park is open to the public in the mornings and afternoons. Relaxing in Maya Datar Park will do wonders for your body and soil. Please remember to always maintain the park’s cleanliness while you are there.

Maya Datar Park is located in front of Pancawarna Park. It serves as Purwakarta’s city square. Nowadays, the Maya Datar city square offers locals and visitors Maya Datar Park and Pasanggrahan Padjadjaran Park.

5. Pasanggrahan Padjadjaran Park

Pasanggrahan Padjadjaran Park is located in Purwakarta’s city square, which used to be called Kian Santang square. It is a new tourism destination that will be opened officially by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo. The city square has two equally beautiful parks, namely Maya Datar Park and Pasanggrahan Park.

The park is filled with beautiful flowers and two tiger statues with colorful water jets shooting out from their mouths. There are also two water fountains in the shape of traditional kujang blades to be enjoyed at night. The park also displays two giant leuit, granaries used by Sundanese people in the past.

The park is open to the public free of charge. People usually use the park as a site for pre-wedding photography sessions and to hold marriage ceremonies on the veranda. From Monday to Friday, the park is open from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. On Sundays, the park is open all day long.

6. Pembaharuan Park

Other than serving as an open green space, urban parks can also be educational. Pembaharuan Park is designed with philosophical and educational values in mind. It features statues of national figures, including those of Soekarno, Hatta and Abdurrahman “Gus Dur” Wahid.

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