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How to make economy feel like first class

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Jakarta  /  Mon, June 18, 2018  /  11:25 am
How to make economy feel like first class

Cramped seats, cold food and crying babies can make even the smoothest of flights tough to handle. (Shutterstock/File)

Traveling on a long-haul flight in economy class can be a nightmare. Cramped seats, cold food and crying babies can make even the smoothest of flights tough to handle. Here are 10 tips on making economy feel a little more like first class, as suggested by SkyScanner.

1. Invest in soundproof headphones

Even if the kids on your flight are as quiet as a mouse, soundproof headphones can keep other noises out and help lull you to sleep. Playing music or watching your favorite movie without any other distractions can go a long way in making a flight go by faster.

2. Bring a sleeping mask

While some airlines provide a sleeping mask in the toiletry kit, it might not actually be thick enough to do much good. Bring your own and plug in your soundproof headphones, and you’ll be sleeping the flight away in no time.

3. Move seats

If you are lucky enough to board a sparsely packed plane, keep an eye out for empty rows. That way you can lift up the armrests and spread out to your heart’s desire.

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4. Choose seats before you board

Even if your flight does turn out to be packed, picking your seats beforehand can really help. Pick an aisle seat if you like getting up to walk, but think about avoiding bulkhead rows, as those tend to seat people flying with babies.   

5. Bring a pair of socks

It is not always recommended to walk around the plane without shoes on, but warm, comfortable socks can be perfect when you are sitting in your seat on a cold plane. Like the sleeping mask, some airlines already provide socks for you, but they also may not be thick enough.

6. Bring your own blanket and pillows

Again, planes can get cold, and sometimes what the airline provides doesn’t do the trick. Avoid shivering for hours, as well as a crick in your neck, by bringing your own blanket and pillows. Utilize a thick shawl as a blanket, as well as a small, easily folded travel pillow to save space.

7. Pay attention to Duty-Free

It is easy to pay no mind to the Duty-Free magazine in your seatback pocket, but it might just contain the option to purchase snacks and chocolates that you can munch on in between meals. The luxury choices hidden away in Duty-Free can help you feel as if you’re beyond that first class curtain. (sul/wng)