60 kg of meth found in mall staircase

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Jakarta, posted: Thu, August 10, 2017 | 11:18 am

Harmful substance -- The police display crystal methamphetamine or shabu-shabu in a public expose in Jakarta recently.(Tempo/-)

The Tambora Police are still searching for the owner of 60 kilograms of sabu-sabu (crystal methamphetamine) left in the emergency stairs of Season City Mall in West Jakarta on Wednesday.

 The owner is suspected to be a foreigner who stayed in Season City apartment. Head of the police precinct’s criminal investigation unit, Adj. Comr. Antonius, said the sabu-sabu was of very high quality and is estimated to be worth Rp 120 billion (US$9 million).

A staff member at the mall called the Tambora Police at 10 a.m. on Wednesday upon discovering two suspicious suitcases on the emergency stairs of the building’s ninth floor. The luggage was first thought to contain explosives.

Antonius said that based on CCTV footage, several residents had used the emergency stairs, but the identity of the person who left the suitcases has yet to be confirmed.

 “[The suspect] looked like a foreigner, but we still can’t make that conclusion. We are still investigating,” he said. (dra/wit) 


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