City prepares dowries for new year’s mass wedding

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Jakarta, posted: Thu, December 7, 2017 | 09:21 pm

Couples cross a railway at Maguwo Station in Yogyakarta after mass wedding vows on Sept. 6. (JP/Aditya Sagita)

The Jakarta administration has prepared dowries, in the form of Qurans and a set of prayer outfits, for participants of the free mass wedding event set to be conducted at the park-and-ride facility on Jl. MH Thamrin in Central Jakarta on New Year’s Eve.

Jakarta Governance Bureau head Premi Lasari said the dowries were procured by the Jakarta Muslim Charitable Donations Board (Bazis) as the participants would be couples from lower to middle economic classes.

Premi said the administration had limited the number of the participants to 534 couples.

“We have limited the number to 534 couples. However, if the number of couples registering in the event exceeds the limit, we will add more to the quota after having an evaluation meeting next week,” Premi said on Thursday as quoted by

Each subdistrict across the city might start announcing the event, she said.

Couples who are interested in the program can fill in the requirements to get married in subdistrict offices and register themselves in the Menteng district office, she said.

Besides the dowry, the city administration has also prepared traditional Betawi attire for the couples, Betawi-themed wedding decorations and meals.

Premi added that during the event the city administration would hold a bazaar which would promote traditional foods from 34 provinces in the country.  (cal)


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