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Must-try burger joints in Senopati


Life is Tasty!

Jakarta | Thu, February 16, 2017 | 01:30 pm
Must-try burger joints in Senopati

You can’t mention 'burger' in Senopati and not have Flip Burger thrown at you as an option. (

Senopati in South Jakarta is many things. It's filled with luxury bars serving great cocktails as well as a wide selection of restaurants serving all types of food.

Those who don’t want complicated meals while strolling through the area should know that it is also home to terrific burger joints. Below are some that should be on your hit-list.



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Previously known as Blue Fox, this restaurant has been in Senopati for a while and consistently serves delicious dishes. Mula is particularly well-known for its Tailgate Burger, which consists of layers of beef patty and smoked beef, topped with sausages and a signature sauce.

H Gourmet & Vibes


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At the beginning of 2015, H Gourmet & Vibes was born. Adorned with an industrial interior decor, it serves modern-style dishes tailored to the “hipsters” who frequent Senopati. In a short amount of time, the burgers here have become popular due to the restaurant’s unique combination of several different layers and ingredients, including Indian spices.

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Three Buns

The Potato Head Group has become synonymous with good dining. One of the chain’s most reliable branches is Three Buns, a burger joint with a spacious and layered seating setup that almost gives the impression of a coliseum. Offering a great selection of new and well-known cocktails and a live band and DJ, this place's real crowd-puller is the burgers. From Burning Man to Piggie Smalls, Three Buns burgers are uniquely crafted with secret recipes created by Chef Adam Penney.

Flip Burger

You can’t mention “burger” in Senopati and not have Flip Burger thrown at you as an option. This joint has become well-known in Jakarta for two reasons: its burgers are greasy in the best possible way and they don't come across as plastic or “common”, unlike other quick-serve chain stores that sell burgers. Created by Chef Afit, the man behind Holycow Steak, Flip Burger offers four different kinds of burgers to try. If you believe in the old saying "save the best for last", then Flip Burger's Smacker Burger is the last thing you should try at this burger joint. (kes)

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