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Swatch's smartwatch will be out in 2018

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Jakarta | Mon, March 20, 2017 | 10:45 am
Swatch's smartwatch will be out in 2018

Tech savvy people may consider a smartwatch an important digital accessory. (Shutterstock/-)

Swatch has announced that it will also be joining the smartwatch trend, putting it in direct competition with Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

According to Bloomberg (, the Swiss company's smartwatch will hopefully be released in stores by the end of 2018 and boasts better battery life and security than other wearables. It will also run on its own operating system and will likely be built by one of the Silicon Valley-based firms that have been in contact with the company.

But there are some people who think this may be a wrong move on Swatch’s part.

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Tech website The Next Web ( believes that the nearly two-year waiting period for the phone might hinder Swatch as many more features may give Google and Apple an edge during that time, citing Google’s AI that it is already planning to bring to Android Wear.

“I’m not convinced,” said Luca Solca, an analyst at Exane BNP Paribas who follows the luxury industry, to Bloomberg. “People use smartwatches expecting to use the same apps they have on their mobiles. A proprietary operating system defeats the object.” (sul/kes)