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Bandung to host one month-long art performances starting Sept. 25

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News Desk

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Thu, September 7, 2017 | 07:03 pm
Bandung to host one month-long art performances starting Sept. 25

Gedung Sate, an iconic landmark in Bandung. ( Nong)

Bandung in West Java is set to host a month-long festival of art performances starting Sept. 25.

Held in collaboration with local artists and humanists, the event dubbed "Seni Bandung I" (Bandung Art I) will feature various traditional and modern art shows, including fine arts, dance, theater, music and literature, presented by 2,475 artists from 156 communities across Bandung.

Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil said on Wednesday the event was part of the city's 207th anniversary and would be included in the country's annual agenda. 

"Bandung has been long known as one of Indonesia's centers of art development. Many artists live and work in the city, therefore this activity serves as something we can be proud of," said Ridwan.

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A budget of Rp 5 billion (US$375,150) reportedly had been prepared for the event. "It's far from enough, but we will continue to look for sponsors," he added.

The artists and art groups are slated to showcase at least 688 artsy activities until Oct. 25 across 44 locations, including public facilities, schools, community spaces and neighborhoods.

"A true artwork will be complete when it is enjoyed by the public. We want to try to create a unique moment of the 'meeting' between artworks and the public. For local residents, this is the opportunity to appreciate all kinds of art," said the event's initiator Iman Soleh as quoted by Antara news agency. (kes)