Dewi Lestari: Dewi says
angels can be friends,

DEWI LESTARI: (Courtesy of Dewi Lestari)
DEWI LESTARI: (Courtesy of Dewi Lestari)

JAKARTA: Dewi Lestari has a surprise hit on her hands with her winsome song “Malaikat Juga Tahu” (The Angels Also Know). The Bandung-based singer admits she believes in guardian angels, but not necessarily the winged variety who reside in heaven.

“They can be in the form of the friends and people who are there for us,” Dewi said on Sunday. “But they can also be those who criticize us or who stab us in the back. We can learn from all of them.”

The singer and author, who wrote the best-selling novel Supernova eight years ago under the pen name Dee, says she had an inkling the song was special when she wrote it.

“I had this intuition about it, because it was something different. But with the market so homogenous right now with all the bands. I wasn’t sure if it would sell.”

The song’s success capped an eventful 2008 for Dewi, whose midyear divorce from singer Marcel was a hot topic on gossip blogs and in infotainment rags. At the end of the year she married Reza Gunawan in Australia.   

“It was such an amazing journey, like a roller-coaster, so many highs and lows. But I think it was a very fruitful year.”

Once third of the successful all-girl trio Rida-Sita-Dewi in the 1990s, she was surprised by the two other women during an impromptu reunion on a TV variety show Sunday night.

“I was flabbergasted. They really managed to keep it a secret from me until the moment I saw them on stage.” – JP/Bruce Emond  

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