Titi Kamal to take up singing
for her supper

JP/R. Bertho Wedhatama
JP/R. Bertho Wedhatama 

JAKARTA: It seems that Titi Kamal is now such an accomplished actress that she must turn to music for her next challenge.

Titi is not giving up acting, but is going to give her vocal chords a good workout. The movie star will release her new album on Feb. 20.

In her singing debut, Titi performs a duet with Anji, the vocalist of band Drive, in the second song on the album, titled “Resah Tanpamu” (Restless without You).

“This song is for those who have a long distance relationship,” Titi said, as quoted by detik.com on Tuesday.

Titi said she had admired Anji for quite a long time. “Anji is so talented and I really like his distinctive voice.”

The actress, who gained her popularity through film Mendadak Dangdut (Suddenly Dangdut) said she had to have a few lessons because she had some lingering problems with her breathing.
“I do a lot of swimming and gym to train my breathing,” Titi said.

She said that thanks to Anji’s professionalism, she learned plenty about singing from him.
“He has a lot of flying hours while I’m just learning so I guess I learned enough from him,” Titi said of Anji, whose girlfriend is Rini, the 2007 Indonesia idol. —JP

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