SMS:SBY's cabinet

Your comments on the appointment of members of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's cabinet, most of whom come from political parties.

It's not that important where members of the Cabinet come from. It's how they serve the country that matters.

E. Nurdin

As a management lecturer, I'm very sad with my president's choices for his Cabinet. But what can I say more, the decision has been made by a man who got a 60 percent mandate from this lovely nation.

I just hope that management knowledge is still there in our government.

I wish that this hope will triumph over my fear. Success for our Cabinet!

Fadly Meray

In fact 19 of 34 Cabinet members came from political parties (55.9 percent) while 12 others (40 percent) came from professionals.

This happened due to so many political parties joining in a coalition led by the Democratic Party that have taken part in efforts to help SBY win the presidential election last July 2009.

In carrying out their duties, they must focus on the 100-day, annual and five-year programs as it has been directed and endorsed by the President himself.

Of course if any cabinet member fails to implement it due to incapability, President SBY can exchange him for a better person.

Abdul Rahim
Tangerang, Banten

President SBY has led us for five years successfully through the hardships of global economic crisis and several world scale disasters. He has proven himself as a good leader.

No one denied his mature and high class leadership. But, remember the other five years to come will test his decision along with the second Unity Cabinet members navigating Indonesian politics and economics through turmoil and uncertainty. We look for his brave, precise and accurate recipes of every matter.

Good luck SBY, good luck Indonesia.

Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono
Bandung, West Java

The President should be thinking about how to make other people's lives better. Putting politicians where they don't belong makes him look weak.

We don't want to see a leader being dictated by other people just because they helped him win the election.

I'm willing to see what happens in the first few months, and if they can't do their job please allow other people to be ministers.


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