Cops start probing misconduct
on Usep

JAKARTA: Investigators from the city police questioned Monday vendor Usep Cahyono to follow up his report that he was physically abused by police officers who had accused him of drug possession. Usep said he was arrested on Jan. 20 at around 4 p.m. at Kampung Bandan train station, North Jakarta, while he was at work.

“A man, who introduced himself as a police officer, approached me to borrow a lighter,” Usep said.

“The police officers dropped a Rp 50,000 [US$5.5] banknote and a small folded piece of paper from his jacket and asked me to take it. Then, he forced me to admit the package was mine,” he said. Usep refused the order and the man called four other officers, who later dragged him into a car and beat him.

“They beat my chest, face and back,” he said. “One officer put his shoe in my mouth.”

Friska Gultom, one of Usep’s lawyers, said they would employ two witnesses to support Usep’s statements. — JP

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