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JAKARTA: A proposal to exclude secondary forests from a planned moratorium on forest conversions would be a breach of the 1999 Forestry Law and last year’s climate deal between Indonesia and Norway, The Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi) has warned.

Walhi said the forestry law and the letter of intent (LoI) signed by Indonesia and Norway stipulated that all natural forests be protected.

“Separating primary and secondary forests means the government would violate not only the LoI but also the forestry [law],” Wahli’s international and climate finance affairs head Teguh Surya said Wednesday.

“If the government insists on imposing a moratorium only on primary forests, there would no change in forest protection since all primary forests are now protected areas, including conservation forests.”

The government has delayed the enactment of the forest moratorium, which was scheduled to begin on Jan. 1 this year, over a debate over whether businesses would still be able to obtain licenses to convert secondary forest. — JP

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