BCA launches BlackBerry
banking service

JAKARTA: Bank Central Asia (BCA) launched on Wednesday a mobile banking service for BlackBerry smartphones to accommodate the growing users of BlackBerry and mobile banking service users in Indonesia.

The BCA fund and service development division head, Ina Suwandi, said in a media statement that currently Indonesia had at least 3 million BlackBerry users. According to the bank, 4.7 million of its 9.7 million customers actively use mobile banking.

“Every year, the number grows by 30 percent. This proves that BCA customers are accustomed to technology,” she said.

BCA online services include m-BCA mobile banking and Klik BCA Internet banking. m-BCA can be accessed through all GSM operators without the need for customers to change their SIM cards. For KlikBCA, access is from http://m.klikbca.com.

BCA currently has 911 branches and 7,709 ATMs in Indonesia.

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