Depok faces Chikungunya
fever outbreak

DEPOK: Residents and health officials fumigated parts of Limo, Depok, on Friday after Chikungunya fever infected at least 200 people in the past month.

The outbreak was attributed to poor sanitation and poor awareness of the mosquito-borne disease.

There were several new cases in the neighboring districts of Tanah Baru and Pancoran Mas, according to the local health agency.

Councillor Lilis Latifah, who heads the Depok City Council’s Commission D overseeing social welfare, said that residents could prevent the disease by regularly cleaning their neighborhoods.

“I hope the voluntary larvae controllers will work harder … There should be incentives for them,” Lilis said after visiting patients in the stricken areas, as quoted by kompas.com.

The Depok administration is providing free, around-the-clock healthcare for residents with symptoms of the disease.

The symptoms Chikungunya fever, which is similar to dengue fever, include the abrupt onset of fever, frequently accompanied by joint pain that is often debilitating.

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