Happy says TV soaps taught
her a lot

JP/Wendra Ajistyatama

JAKARTA: Actress and writer Happy Salma has won awards for her acting on the big screen, but she says it was her start in TV soaps that taught her a lot about people and her artistic goals.

“For me, the experience can be compared to visiting Jakarta’s different neighborhoods, either you go to a rough one or visit a more exclusive one,” Happy, who turned 32 last week, told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.

“Sometimes you have to deal with people whose only concern is that the program gets done, regardless of quality. That was a bit frustrating, but it also taught me a lot about the characteristics of people.”

Happy, who is planning to reprise her 2011 theatrical performance as former president Sukarno’s second wife, Inggit Ganarsih, in Jakarta in March, says she has found the necessary balance in her life and career.

“I now know how to choose between those projects that are more commercial and those that are more to my artistic interests,” she says.

Scheduled for release on the film festival circuit this year is Description Without Place, which Happy produced and also stars in. It was shot in Bali, where she lives with her Balinese royal husband.

She visited the Cannes Film Festival last year after winning the best actress award at the Indonesian Movie Awards for 7 Hati, 7 Cinta, 7 Wanita (Seven Hearts, Seven Loves, Seven Women).

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