INAICTA adds a new category
for start-ups

JAKARTA: The Indonesia Information and Communications Awards (INAICTA) says it will add a new category for start-up companies for its ceremony this year.

A. Haryawirasma, the chairman of the event, said that the category was added to help Indonesian information and communications technology enterprises crack the international market.

“We hope this event will help new companies, no older than 33 months, to gain the spotlight,” Haryawirasma said.

The competition has many categories aimed primarily at professionals and students. In 2011, 905 firms competed for INAICTA awards, up 50 percent from 625 entries in 2010. This year, INAICTA expects to have 1,400 participants.

Registration will run from May 28 through July 2.

Winners will win patents for their products, prize money and the chance to meet the representatives of major IT companies at the event.

Some of the members of the competition’s juries include Danny Oei Wirianto from Kaskus, Rama Mamuaya from DailySocial and Romi Satrio Wahono from Brainmatics.

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