Guess what?: Meriam, Hotman
make peace

JAKARTA: Actress Meriam Bellina and lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea signed a nine-point agreement on Saturday, ending the feud between them.

Hotman kissed Meriam’s hand and cheek after lawyer Dwi Ria Latifa read the agreement during a press conference on Monday.

The nine points in the agreement included Hotman’s apology for his attitude and his admission that they never married in Las Vegas. He also said in the agreement that he accepts Meriam’s decision to end their relationship.

Meriam agreed to withdraw the police report she filed, which stated that Hotman had physically and verbally abused her.

“With this peace, the first party [Meriam] and second party [Hotman] liberate each other and will not file any criminal or civil charges in the future,” Ria said.

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