FPI demands total ban on

At least 200 members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) staged a demonstration in Bandung, West Java, on Thursday, demanding that the administration immediately implement a total ban on all Ahmadiyah activities in the province.

The FPI members, most of them wearing long-sleeved, white FPI t-shirts and caps, rallied in front of the West Java Legislative Council and the West Java governor’s office. They urged the administration to firmly implement Gubernatorial Regulation No. 12/2011 on the banning of Ahmadiyah activities in West Java.

“One of our members was arrested for damaging an Ahmadi mosque. We can accept it if he is found guilty of the attack,” said FPI West Java chairman Abdul Kohar. “But what about the Ahmadis who ignore the regulation and keep on conducting public activities? Should they not also be punished?”

On Oct. 28, the Bandung Police declared FPI member M. Asep Abdurahman, alias Utep, a suspect in the attack on the Ahmadis’ An-Nasir Mosque on the eve of Idul Adha (Islamic Day of Sacrifice).

Utep and other FPI members raided the mosque and demanded that the Ahmadis cancel all Idul Adha activities. Realizing that the Ahmadis had ignored the FPI’s demand, Utep became enraged and smashed the mosque’s windows.

Utep was charged under Article 170 of the Criminal Code on assault, Article 406 on the destruction of private property and Article 335 on offensive behavior.

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