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Comments: Microsoft to
embed Office 365 in PCs

Feb. 13, p. 13

Microsoft Indonesia, the local arm of software giant the Microsoft Corporation, is in talks with computer manufacturers to embed Office 365, the US company’s cloud-based software service, in personal computers (PCs), executives have said.

Your comments:

You should mention the real alternative to MS office: OpenOffice. I would also challenge the notion that office still has a 98 percent market share.


If Office 365 really is a cloud solution, then they wouldn’t need the fat client software on the PCs.


Google Apps for business, which MS is emulating, has become a paid offering since Dec. 12, 2012. The cost per end user is US$50 a year. It is a true cloud offering.

There are three groups: standard business, education and government.

In the US, of the 43 last government cloud contracts offered, Google Apps won 23, MS won 10 and the other 10 were won by another firm. So much for a 98 percent market share going forward.

J Chiraco

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