Sarimuda named as Palembang

Palembang City General Elections Commission (KPUD) declared candidate pair Sarimuda-Nelly Rasdiana elected as Palembang mayor and vice mayor for the period 2013-2018, on Sunday, following a mayoral election which took place on April 7.

Sarimuda-Nelly obtained 316,923 votes, or 43.32 percent of the total, defeating their closest competitor, Romi Herton and Harnojoyo, by only eight votes. Romi-Harnojoyo won 316,915 votes or 43.31 percent of the tally. Meanwhile, Mularis Djahri-Husni Thamrin secured 13.36 percent with 97,810 votes.

“From the result of the vote count and plenary meeting, we declare the candidate pair number 3, Sarimuda and Nelly Rasdiana, elected as Palembang mayor and vice mayor,” said KPUD head Eftiyani, adding that the commission would submit the results to Palembang City Legislative Council (DPRD).

Hearing the result of the vote recapitulation, poll witnesses for Romi-Harnojoyo raised objections and refused to sign the recapitulation results.

Eftiyani said the commission was still waiting to see whether the Romi-Harnojoyo team would file a lawsuit on the election results to the Constitutional Court.

“If not, the elected Palembang mayor and vice mayor will be inaugurated on July 21,” she said. (asw/ebf)

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