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Gojek joins inter-stakeholder collaboration to make vaccine race a success

March 2021, 04

Launch: The COVID-19 vaccination drive-thru service is inaugurated in Kemayoran, Jakarta, on Wednesday. Photo: Halodoc

Due to the complexity and enormity of the task, the COVID-19 vaccination program in Indonesia requires collaboration among various sectors for it to succeed.

As officially announced by the government, the first phase of the drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine program will prioritize the elderly who have valid ID cards. In Jakarta, the Health Ministry has set an ambitious target of vaccinating thousands of the registered city’s elderly every day.

To achieve this target, the Health Ministry and Halodoc, which was appointed as the government’s official telehealth partner, have partnered up with Gojek as the transportation and communication partner for setting up drive-thru vaccine centers across Indonesia.

Gojek cofounder and co-CEO Kevin Aluwi said during the inauguration of the drive-thru vaccination service in Kemayoran on Wednesday that he was very grateful to the government for prioritizing the elderly in the ongoing vaccine race, while also expressing his gratitude to the government for including Gojek driver partners in the vaccination priority list.

Gojek is believed to be able to multiply the efficiency and effectiveness of the drive-thru centers by helping users access real-time vaccination schedules through its GoMed service, which is integrated with the Halodoc app.

At the same time, Gojek will provide the GoCar service in the vaccination area to help participants who arrive without their own vehicle to maintain the implementation of health and safety protocols in the area.

“We are ready to provide GoCar services during the on-site vaccination process. Our cars, at no additional cost, provide a protective barrier and always go through a routine cleaning process at our driver safe posts," Kevin explained.

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin, who was also present during the inauguration, said he greatly applauded the agility with which Halodoc and Gojek worked together to make the government’s vaccination program a success, and this dated back to the beginning of the pandemic, when the vaccine had not been available yet.

“The Health Ministry cannot educate the public about the vaccine alone, and we need inter-stakeholder collaboration to organize the entire vaccination program. We are optimistic that people’s trust in the reliability of Halodoc and Gojek in their services, which has been demonstrated by both platforms’ huge consumer bases, can increase the participation rate of the vaccine program, including the participation rate of the elderly,” Budi said during the virtual press conference.

“We believe that the initiatives run by Halodoc and Gojek through their platforms in supporting the vaccine race will play a highly strategic role in our attempt to attain our target of distributing 181 million COVID-19 vaccines to all Indonesians within a year,” he continued.

Full team: Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin (third left), Gojek co-CEO Kevin Aluwi (third right), Halodoc board of advisors member Aldi Haryopratomo (second right) and Halodoc CEO Jonathan Sudharta during the inauguration of the COVID-19 vaccination drive-thru service in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Since the beginning, Gojek has been committed to supporting the government’s efforts by being the first to implement various education, socialization and health protocols in every Gojek service and all parts of the ecosystem from employees and driver partners to business partners and users.

This phase of the vaccination program, Kevin continued, would also help Gojek’s elderly driver partners to get vaccinated given that they are part of the vulnerable public service and essential workers segment and are part of the national logistics network.

“The COVID-19 vaccination program will help our driver partners, including our elderly driver partners, to revive the activities of the national logistics system once again as a vital player in that sector, while conducting their activities in a safe manner, as they have already been vaccinated,” Kevin said.

At the same time, this can also help increase the drivers’ earnings, thus becoming more efficient in providing for their families as well, as soon as they can provide their services to the Indonesian public safely upon being vaccinated.

“We hope that our cooperation with Halodoc can turn the COVID-19 vaccine race into a success, thus helping the government suppress the coronavirus infection rates in our country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Halodoc cofounder and CEO Jonathan Sudharta said that the telehealth provider felt proud to be the ministry’s only official partner in making vaccination drive-thru centers available all across Indonesia.

“We will continue optimizing our capabilities in accelerating the vaccine race in Indonesia, especially through our already-existing drive-thru centers, on which the Indonesian public has heavily depended during the pandemic. We believe that the inter-stakeholder collaboration of which we are part can actually help the government attain its vaccine target for this year,” Jonathan said during the press conference.

Apart from Gojek, Halodoc also partners with private hospital Hermina to provide on-the-ground medical workers. Specifically for the drive-thru center in Jakarta, Halodoc is also partnering with the general service body of the Kemayoran Compound Management Center in Central Jakarta, which provides the open space for the vaccination, which was fully operational on Wednesday.

For members of the public who wish to access the COVID-19 vaccination drive service, registration can be done through clicking the GoMed “COVID-19 vaccination drive-thru” banner in the Gojek application. Information about the available locations and schedules will be listed there.