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Enjoy good food with your dogs at these 5 restaurants


Life is Tasty!

Jakarta | Wed, February 22, 2017 | 01:09 pm
Enjoy good food with your dogs at these 5 restaurants

A Yorkshire terrier sits in front of a dessert in a cafe. Some cafes in Jakarta will happily welcome both humans and canines. (Shutterstock/File)

What's more fun than enjoying brunch on a Sunday morning? Walking and playing with your pets, of course.

In some places in Jakarta, you can do both. Below are a list of dog-friendly places where diners can experience fun times with their four-legged friend.



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Above all else, Caswell’s is praised by a lot of people because it provides a huge lawn where you can unleash your dogs and let them play on a green field. Better yet, you can do just that while enjoying Caswell's great coffee choices, from their single origin coffees to blends and roasts.

Turning Point


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Living in Serpong or find yourself strolling around the area with your dogs on a Sunday morning? Then Turning Point is a must. Minimalist and cozy, this coffee shop is a comfortable place for both you and your dogs. It also carries beans and house blends from local micro-roasters and cafes, such as Morph, Common Grounds and Tanamera.

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Por Que No


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Por Que No is not only known for its great selection of tapas and cocktails, it also has that welcoming ambiance with a friendly colorful vibe that apparently also applies to dogs. The joint welcomes everyone with dogs looking to chill every Sunday.



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Once you visit HaloNiko! in Pasar Minggu you can easily guess that this cafe is dog-friendly judging by the image of the dog owned by joint's owner. Also, don't ignore the fact that HaloNiko! serves a good selection of Greek dishes, so you can enjoy your favorite Greek meatballs and chicken gyros with perfect seasoning.



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For those who live around Kemang or in South Jakarta, paying a visit to Antipodean on a Sunday morning might be a routine. With various brunch options to enjoy (the All-Day Breakfast with perfect scrambled eggs is a must-try), this isn't the only reason why people love to visit. The dog-friendly environment makes it easier for people and their canines to make friends with others. (kes)

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