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When two food trends collide: Martabak Samyang


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Jakarta | Fri, February 24, 2017 | 10:37 am
When two food trends collide: Martabak Samyang

The latest 'martabak' sensation in Jakarta right now is filled Korean instant ramen brand Samyang. (

Martabak has been dominating the Indonesian street food scene for a long time now, and keeps getting stronger with the rise of "modern martabak," which use lots of different modern-day toppings and fillings, from mozzarella cheese to Nutella.

The latest martabak sensation in Jakarta as per now is filled with Samyang. Samyang itself is a Korean instant ramen brand that has gained quite a reputation in the past few years in Jakarta for its spicy taste, characterized by many as challenging and trendy.

If you're curious to try the combination between of martabak and Samyang in Jakarta, here are some places for you to visit.

Martabak Yuk


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What's the difference between Samyang martabak served by Martabak Yuk and any other martabak joints? Martabak Yuk's creation will make you hungry due to its thick portion of Samyang noodles. Surely, this is a portion to share with several friends.

Martabak Rakyat


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Aptly called The Red Hot Samyang Martabak, this dish by Martabak Yuk does sound like a challenge. Martabak Rakyat adapts Samyang characteristics very well to this dish, even just by judging from its look. If you’re not keen on spicy foods, you might want to stay away from this dish.

OTW Food Street

In OTW Food Street, the Martabak Samyang is combined with eggs to create a thicker, yummier sensation compared to others. Coming at an affordable price and modern modifications of street foods, this joint also serves different kinds of creative martabak that you might want to try.

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Martabak Gue


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Located in the Greenville area in West Jakarta, most people visit Martabak Gue for its porky martabak. The addition of Samyang flavor adds a nice color to Martabak Gue's selections, which features a roasty aroma from the pork they put inside the Martabak Samyang.

Martabak Bruno


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Since its introduction to the public around six weeks ago, Martabak Original Beef Samyang by Martabak Bruno has attracted lots of customers and has become one favorite martabak joints in the city. The red hot color is too hard to ignore, depicting its hot and spicy flair really well.

Sensasi Martabak

If you live in the West Jakarta area, especially around Binus University, Sensasi Martabak would sound familiar. Offering a variety of modern martabak dishes, Martabak Samyang Hot Spicy is a must-try. You can even add barbecue chicken as an additional filling to make this spicy dish even richer. (kes)

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