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A girl group promises to publicize ‘before and after’ of plastic surgery

Kim So-yeon

The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

South Korea | Mon, March 13, 2017 | 02:36 pm

Korean girl group Six Bomb will drop a new release “Becoming Prettier (After),” the group announced on Wednesday.

In the teaser video released on Wednesday, the quartet appeared with bandages covering their faces. The 30 second long video showed some of the key choreography for the new track.

The new release, a sequel to its previous single “Becoming Prettier (Before)” released in February, is the second part of their “plastic surgery project” which will disclose the process of “becoming prettier” through the plastic surgery.

Earlier in February, Six Bomb released the music video for the “Before” track which showed the members visiting a plastic surgery clinic for a consultation.

The song and music video for the “After” track will be released on March 16.

Their agency has yet to clarify if the members really underwent plastic surgery.

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