Francine stars in 'XL'

JAKARTA: Model-cum-actress Francine Roosenda says she was committed to playing the role of a prostitute in her new movie, XL (Extra Large, Antara Aku, Kau dan Mak Erot) or XL (Extra Large, between You, Me and Mak Erot).

"I tried my best to play the role of a prostitute," said Roosenda, who debuted on the big screen as the haunted girl, Putri, in Pocong 3 (2007), as quoted by Antara.

The latest flick, directed by Monty Tiwa and produced by Starvision, tells the story of a man named Deny (Jamie Aditya), who becomes worried about the size of his penis as the wedding to his hypersexual fiancee Viky (Dewi Sandra) approaches.

Deni, with the advice of two friends, Stefan (Eron Lebang) and Juno (Alex Abbad), seeks the help of Mak Erot, a traditional penis enlargement specialist.

Roosenda plays a character named Intan, who is a prostitute hired by Deny to test the "magical power" of the recipe prescribed by the penis expert. As Vicky busily prepares for their wedding, Deny falls in love with Intan.

"I accepted the role of Intan because I knew it would not be an easy one. There were many challenges," says the 25-year-old.

"The biggest challenge in playing Intan is that she can't be herself, as she is depressed by her profession and always tries to be someone else."

XL is scheduled to open in cinemas on Feb. 6.-- JP

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