Tribute for Gito Rollies

BANDUNG: Lyrics from the country's late rocker Gito Rollies' hit "Cinta Yang Tulus" (Sincere Love) brought tears to the eyes of many of the hundreds of spectators at a concert held to pay tribute to the singer.

Guswin, the new singer from Gito's band The Rollies, belted out the song on Wednesday evening at Ganesha Bandung hall to honor the singer's 40 years of work for the country's music scene. Gito died on Feb. 28 this year in Jakarta at the age of 61.

Besides Gito, The Rollies, set up in 1963, performed in full force, with Jimmy Manopo on drum, Uce F. Tekol on bass, Abadi Soesman on keyboard, Benny Likumahua on saxophone/trombone, Didit Maruto on trumpet, TZ Iskandar on sax and backing vocal and Masri on guitar.

When asked whether The Rollies would continue rocking the music scene, Benny would not give a detailed answer, only saying, "we will continue playing music until we're gone. Tonight, we performed for Gito". JP/Matdon

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