The honest designs of Ivan


Designer-cum-TV host Ivan Gunawan smiled and greeted guests to his fashion show at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday.

In stark contrast to the frocks and heavy make-up he wears as the host of several reality TV shows on Indosiar, Ivan was dressed in black trousers and a plain white shirt.

The moment of truth came when the models strutted along the runway in designs from Ivan's latest collection, themed "La Vie en Rose". The gowns had Ivan's personality plastered all over them.

Ivan said he'd dressed down because he wanted full attention on the models.

"Today I'm selling clothes not myself. As a designer in my own show I opt to not wear any make-up. If I wear make-up, I'll be the center of attention. It would be tough on the models, as I would look prettier than them," he joked after the show.

Flamboyant with loud colors, the dresses he designed were creative and different, with some coming dangerously close to being over the top and tacky.

LA VIE EN ROSE: (JP/J.Adiguna)

LA VIE EN ROSE: (JP/J.Adiguna)

Taking "Rose" as his inspiration, Ivan used loud colors such as shocking pink, red and purple, lime green, ultramarine blue, bright red, zinc yellow, deep green, turquoise and baby blue. Big floral prints clashed with polka dots, zebra prints and brocade.

"I use lots of color because 'Rose' is linked to color and beauty. I'm also well known for my love of color. With my designs I clash various colors and patterns," he said.

In the spirit of "La Vie en Rose", the music of Edith Piaf accompanied the models as they sashayed down a runway carpeted with red artificial rose petals.

Despite being inspired by the French film La Vie en Rose, which stars Academy award winner Marion Cotillard, the designs were also influenced by the dresses of Flamenco dancers.

The models wore their hair tied back in pony tails, with big colorful flowers on their heads. One model in a black and white layered polka dot dress, with a lime green bustier embroidered with black lace, had Big Zircon earrings dangling from her ears.

Ivan said he'd borrowed the accessories from his haute couture designer Adji Notonegoro.

ELEGANCE: (JP/J.Adiguna)

ELEGANCE: (JP/J.Adiguna)

"He just got home from abroad where he bought these crazy earrings. They instantly made me horny," he said.

Ivan also pinned large vintage crystal brooches to models' belts.

The show stealer was a dress, in which Ivan clashed a black and white striped bustier along with its balloon cape with a green floral mermaid dress.

Ivan said he designed from the heart.

"I have a feminine side and I design dresses that I would like to wear myself," he said.

Singer and close friend of Ivan, Lucy Rahmawati, sang midway through the fashion show. Among the guests were couple Sultan Jorghi and Anissa Banowati, veteran singer Titiek Puspa, infotainment presenter Lena Tan and comedian Eko Patrio's wife, actress Viona Rosalia.

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