Armand announces GIGI-UNGU


JAKARTA: Lead vocalist of the group GIGI, Armand Maulana, announced Friday that members of his band, together with the members of UNGU, would spend the next two months practicing for a special religious concert.

"The idea for this concert came from both our management teams ... to make a concert like no other staged before," said GIGI's frontman of the scheduled Aug. 26 concert, which will be held in Senayan, South Jakarta.

"GIGI and UNGU will collaborate in a religious concert titled "Pintu SurgaMu" (Gateway to Your Heaven) ... we will do our best to prepare for this concert," Armand was quoted as saying by Antara.

He said both GIGI and UNGU would perform songs from their latest religious albums in the concert.

The title of the concert, "Pintu SurgaMu" was decided based on the combined titles of both band's religious albums -- Pintu Sorga (Heaven's Gate), from GIGI, and "SurgaMu" (Your Heaven), from UNGU. -- JP


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