Central Java wins governance

Central Java provincial administration has succeeded in improving its performance in terms of good and clean governance, becoming the best among 25 provinces assessed recently by the State Ministry for Administrative Reforms.

According to the results released by the ministry here on Wednesday, Central Java topped the list, scoring 40.46 points out of a possible 100. West Sulawesi scored the lowest with 21.42.

State Minister for Administrative Reforms Taufiq Effendi granted awards to the top 10 provinces.

The appraisal was conducted between September and November, by reviewing each province's annual reports on State Administrator Performance that were submitted to the ministry as of August.

Only 25 of the 33 provinces nationwide had submitted reports. The remaining eight -- Jambi, Bangka Belitung, Yogyakarta, Southeast Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua -- missed the deadline.

Taufiq said the evaluation was aimed at encouraging provincial administrations to improve their performance in executing state programs by showing concrete results, as part of national bureaucratic reforms.

The most highlighted issues in the evaluation were poverty, unemployment and public services.

"We scrutinized provinces' annual reports, particularly in how they have provided public services and how they addressed poverty and unemployment issues," Taufiq said.

Among the main criteria evaluated from each province was the increase of investment and revenue, the reduction of poverty and unemployment, and improvement of public services.

"I hope there are can be no administrations with poor performance. I don't expect to see administrations that only to earn and spend their budgets without being responsible and doing their duty," Taufiq added.

To accelerate Indonesia's bureaucratic reforms, he said, the government was set to issue nine new laws, including the Public Service Law, Administrative Government Law, State Administrator Ethics Law and State Minister Law.

Best 10 provinces:
1. Central Java
2. West Sumatra
3. North Sulawesi
4. East Kalimantan
5. South Kalimantan
6. West Kalimantan
7. South Sulawesi
8. Riau Islands
9. West Java
10. Jakarta

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