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Issues: `Why RI emerged as the hero of the G20'

  • The Jakarta Post

| Sat, October 3 2009 | 02:05 pm

It appears that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono understands what is the real crisis facing our planet. With the continuing popular obsession with global economic woes, most of the leaders attending last week's G20 summit in Pittsburgh came prepared with more of the same, worn-out rhetoric about the need to fortify the world's financial systems.

Buoyed up from his recent election victory, a newly emboldened SBY joined fellow government heads attended the meeting in the US former steel town playing a refreshingly different tune.

He presented a case study to his counterparts on Indonesia's innovative strategy to wean this nation off addictive fuel subsidies. For as worrying as it may be, he clearly recognizes that the growing threat of climate change will make the current financial troubles look like a fly on an elephant's back.

Your comments:
Because SBY wants to stop subsidies that makes him a hero and leader in climate change? Are you kidding?

Jim S.

To Jim S., before you humiliate yourself, check your facts. I do agree with the writer, SBY is a hero. Indonesia is one of the few countries surviving through the economic crisis, and we are surviving well.


Yes, Jakarta is a shining beacon of a clean city. Look at its amazing public transportation system, which encourages people to stop using their cars. Look at Jakarta's tough stance on carbon dioxide emissions.

Look at all the parks, trees and green spaces. Jakarta is indeed an inspiration to other countries. All hail the great leader.


Indonesia is reported to be the third-largest contributor to greenhouse gases through deforestation and enhanced pollution-generating industries such as cheap and nasty coal-fired power stations that are some of the most inefficient in the world.

It is Indonesia's culture of graft and corruption, making money now and denying everything but blaming others, that is killing Indonesia. Economic and business practices in Indonesia are not sustainable, while elite businesses, politicians and bureaucrats rape and pillage the county.

Everyone is on the take. The whole world knows this to be true, so grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. Only then will Indonesia and Indonesians be respected.

John Ralph

It is wise for SBY to bring this issue to the UN, but as you all know, there's only one thing the US is interested in: Iran's nuclear program. So we may say he is a hero as the only politician who is really concerned with Mother Nature, as others have easily forgotten with their commitment.

It is two thumbs up for him, but is he really a whistleblower? I don't think so. I guess I am more interesting in what he did at home (Indonesia) rather than talking loud at the international level, where no one seems to care.

Seriously, the KPK is still stagnant, unemployment is still high, the separation of religion and state still is not happening, the police and military are still not yet professional, and last, human rights issues!

When is this government going to really solve the cases of Munir, Trisakti, East Timor and other violations of human rights?

If Mr. President is able to do that, that's a whistleblower to me on the international stage. I will guarantee you the whole world will listen, and we as a country now can be proud as the prefect example of a human rights champion.


Clean water, air and soil will be scarce resources two decades from now. Like it or not, governments will put high taxes and fines on polluters. It'll be the end of industrialized nations.

Capitalize on your natural resources, Indonesia, it's never too late to make a U-turn and reap the benefits later.


Bravo, Mr. President! Indonesians need to follow his guidance and stop criticizing him.

Donny G.


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